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One Dentist for Your Whole Family

When you walk into our offices, you’ll be greeted with a smile and leave with a healthy smile of your own. Dr. Italiane-DeCubellis and Associates offer a comprehensive range of dental services for your entire family. We are happy to treat children, adults and seniors. From routine check-ups to root canals, you never have to leave our office.

Dr. Italiane's office offers Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry

By brushing and flossing daily, you’re doing your part to maintain your dental health. Let us take care of the rest. Our dental practice offers preventative dentistry, including check-ups, cleanings, fluoride treatments and sealants.

Dr. Italiane's office offers Children's Pediatric Dentistry for all ages

We Love Kids

To ensure a healthy mouth, it helps to get an early start. Dr. Italiane-DeCubellis and Associates offer dentistry for children of all ages. Whether your child’s first teeth are just coming in or they’re biting into middle school lunch, we have you covered.

Dr. Italiane's office offers Root Canal Therapy in Coventry, RI

Root Canal Therapy

No one wants to hear the phrase “root canal” during a dentist visit. There’s no need to worry, our office has vast extensive experience in modern root canal therapy. This once-dreaded procedure is now as painless as a routine cleaning.

Dr. Italiane's office offers Teeth Whitening in Coventry, RI

Teeth Whitening

As healthy as your mouth may be, your teeth might not be as white as you’d like.. Restore and even enhance the natural whiteness of your teeth with a whitening procedure. Let Dr. Italiane-DeCubellis and Associates put the finishing touch of teeth whitening on your smile.

Dr. Italiane's New Patient Forms

New Patient Forms

Is it your first time to Dr. Italiane-DeCubellis and Associates? Save time in the waiting room by downloading our PDF forms. Simply fill them out and bring them with you on the day of your appointment.

New Patient Information packet

General and Family Teeth & Technology offred at Dr. Italiane's office


A good smile is timeless, but technology is ever-changing. Each exam room in our office features state-of-the-art dental care technology...

Digital X-Rays
HD imaging for accurate detection and 90% less radiation with digital xrays

Patient Management System
Dental records and more at our fingertips

The Wand anaesthesia delivery offered at Dr. Italiane's office in Coventry

The Wand
If your treatment calls for anesthesia, Dr. Italiane can reduce the discomfort of traditional injections.

•  Computer-controlled
    anesthesia delivery

•  A more comfortable
    dental procedure


We Accept Most Major Dental Insurance Plans & Credit Cards

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